1.     Institution offering Courses in Engineering and Technology has excess Built-up area after fulfilling the norms as per Approval Process Handbook, the same may be utilized for running a separate  Arts  and  Science  College in  the  same  location, fulfilling  all  the requirements of Arts and Science as demanded by the respective University.

2.    Recognition from AICTE is not mandatory for an Institution offering  B.Arch.  and  M.Arch. Courses.

3.    AICTE shall  not  grant  approval  to  the  new  Technical  Institutions  at  the  Diploma/ Under  Graduate/  Post  Graduate  Level  in  Engineering  and  Technology  in  line  with  the recommendations of the  Committee  set  up by AICTE to provide the National Perspective Plan for Technical Programmes.

4.    Establishment of New Pharmacy Institutions for offering Diploma/ Degree Courses in Pharmacy shall not be permitted for a period of Two years beginning from the Academic Year 2020-21. However, establishment of new Technical Institutions in Pharmacy shall be permitted only in cases got rejected in 2019-20.

5.    You can apply for closure of the existing Institution and open a new Institution at the same premises.

6.    Institution placed under No admission/No EoA/Reduction in Intake category in the previous year are required to apply for Restoration on the Web Portal.

7.    Partial conversion of Levels is not permitted if you have 5 Diploma Courses, you cannot convert Two Diploma Courses only into Degree Courses.

8.    You can start MBA and MCA Courses in the existing Institution with same ID.

9.    An existing Institution applies for a new Programme, it has to comply with the built up area and Infrastructural requirements of the new Programme only for First year and the sharing of the administrative and amenities areas are permissible. 

10.   The existing Institutions offering Diploma in Pharmacy shall ONLY be permitted to start Degree in Pharmacy and vice-versa in the same Institution.

11.    An Institution offering MBA can be merged with an Institution offering Engineering Courses, if both the Institutions are run by the same Trust/ Society/ Company.

12.   Merger of a Child Institution with Parent Institution is allowed even located at a distance.

13.   You can apply for increasing the Intake of B Pharm. from 60 to 100.

14.   There is no upper limit for adding the number of new Courses by Closing the Course(s) and in the Division Size (30 or 60), but the final Total Approved Intake shall not exceed the TOTAL APPROVED INTAKE of 2019-20.

15.   Integrated M.E./ M.Tech. Programme permitted.

16.   No Institution is permitted to run both MBA and PGDM simultaneously. The Institution is permitted with the Intake upto 300 for Management Programme without NBA.

17.   No. The Council shall not permit the conduct of PGDM and MBA Courses in the same Institution, instead the Institutions are permitted to run all the Courses as either PGDM or MBA completely. Further the Trust/ Society/ Company intending to run both the Courses shall apply for a new Technical Institution to offer PGDM Course under Chapter I of the Approval Process Handbook. All such Institutionsshall create the necessary Faculty, Approval Process 2020-21Infrastructure and other facilities WITHIN 2 YEARS to fulfil the norms. Refer Clause 2.18of APH 2020-21.

18.   Institutions shall be permitted to conduct Vocational Course within the “Approved Intake”.

19.   Deemed to be Universities requires AICTE approval. Private Universities interested approval from AICTE may submit an application as a new Technical Institution.

20.  Adjunct Faculty/ Resource Persons are permissible: In case of Architecture -25%, Planning -30% and Design -20%. In all other Programmes, Adjunct Faculty/ Resource Persons up to a maximum of 10% of the required Faculty members as per the “Approved Intake”, for a period not exceeding one Academic Session.

21.   The contractual Faculty who have taught for 2 consecutive semesters in the preceding Academic Year on Full Time basis ONLY shall be considered for the purpose of calculation of Faculty.

22.  The Courses offered in the timings of Regular Shift, First Shift, Second Shift and Part Time shall be considered as Regular Courses.

23.  The Institutions may conduct skill (ITI) development Courses of any other Regulatory Body using the existing facilities, or by creating additional facilities as per the provisions laid down in the norms and standards of the respective Regulatory Bodies without affecting the quality of education prescribed by both Regulatory Bodies after taking NOC from the Council.

24.  Adjunct Faculty shall not be engaged in not more than two Institutions at the same time.

25.  Institutions have to contact the respective State Fee Regulatory Committee for finalizing the Fee.

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