1. To maintain the quality of Education, 60% of the eligible Courses in any Technical Institution shall be accredited in the next 4 years time, else EoA shall not be issued by the AICTE.
  2. Institutions seeking for approval for Increase in Intake / Additional Course(s) (without NBA accreditation) and having total “Approved Intake” equal to/exceeding the “Maximum Intake Allowed” shall have to apply for the closure of Course(s) as per the Procedure to maintain the total “Approved Intake” less than the “Maximum Intake Allowed ” and shall apply for increase in Intake/Additional Course(s). However, the total Intake shall not exceed as specified in Appendix 3 of Approval Process Handbook 2019-2020.
  3. The existing Institutions running under the same Trust/Society/Company operating in the same location within a distance of 2 km shall be permitted to merge into a single Institution with a main Campus and an off Campus.
  4. Central, State and Private Universities may apply for approval by providing Infrastructure and other requirements as specified in the Approval Process Handbook. Institutions Deemed to be Universities offering Technical Course(s)/Programme(s) shall not admit students without prior approval of the AICTE.
  5. AICTE allows wrongly submitted application can be reopened for correction.
  6. AICTE allows after the submission of the application, if an Applicant can revoke the application.
  7. AICTE allows for Opening of Industrial Training Institutes (ITIs) in Spare Capacity in AICTE approved Polytechnics.
  8. If you are clear of scrutiny at Regional offices in Applicant is eligible for getting Letter of Intent (LoI) and if the Applicant is interested in getting Letter of Approval (LoA) in the current Academic Year itself, the Applicant shall submit the resolution of the Trust/ Society/ Company to the Scrutiny Committee for processing the same for the Current Academic Year.
  9. Letter of Intent (LoI) shall be valid for three Academic Years.
  10. If New application for setting up AICTE institution is rejected at the level of Scrutiny/Re-Scrutiny without availing the appeal provision/ Applicant withdrawing Letter of Intent (LoI), the TER Charges after a deduction of ₹50000/- (Rupees Fifty Thousands only) shall be refunded to the Applicant/ Institution.
  11. AICTE allows Merger of Institutions under the same Trust/Society/Company operating in the same Campus.
  12. AICTE allows closing of MBA Programme and Introduction of MCA Programme and vice-versa.
  13. The existing Institution applied for Closure of the Institution are also eligible to apply for starting a new Technical Institution in the same premises in the same year (1.5.2). Technical Institutions applying under this Clause shall have to apply for Progressive closure.
  14. In case of rejection of application submitted for Conversion of Diploma Level into Degree Level and under Clause 1.5.2, if opted for the issue of Extension of Approval of the existing Programme(s) and Course(s), after deducting the applicable TER Charges, refund shall be made.
  15. Complete Closure of the Institution for the existing Programme(s) and Course(s) and shall apply for the starting a new Technical Institution. In case of the application being rejected, the same shall be processed for the Closure of the Institution/ issue of Extension of Approval as per the choice mentioned in the application.
  16. The existing Institutions applied under Clause 1.3.5 (The existing Institutions approved by other Regulatory Bodies, seeking approval for the first time from AICTE for conducting Technical Programme(s)) and in existence for more than 10 years with the respective Regulatory Bodies are exempted from the payment of Security Deposit.
  17. All Institutions shall upload the documents as per Appendix17 of Approval Process Handbook in the Web-Portal. HARD COPIES OF THE APPLICATION /ADDITIONAL DOCUMENTS SHOULD NOT BE SUBMITTED TO THE REGIONAL OFFICE.
  18. Change in the Name of the Trust/Society/Company and Change in the Name of the Bank is applicable in APH 2019-2020 Chapter-II.
  19. AICTE issues regulations on 1st March, 2019 on pay scales, service conditions and minimum qualifications for the appointment of teachers and other academic staff such as library, physical education and training & placement personnel in technical institutions and measures for the maintenance of standards in technical education – (degree and diploma) regulation, 2019.
  20. AICTE has started LetzConnect Technologies [],which is an educational networking portal for college and university students, is contributing to learning, networking and employment and is providing following services free of cost:
  • State-of-the intranet within AICTE approved colleges for students and faculty members, to be used as the primary electronic medium of communication
  • Al-enabled platform that serves right content from library of online content
  • Jobs, Internships and Higher Education via LetzConnects’s Corporate and College ecosystem

21.AICTE requests all Faculty/Teachers of the respective Institutions/Universities to registered/enrolled themselves for annual refresher online Courses already available on SWAYAM Portal to take maximum advantage of the these Annual Refresher Programme in Teaching (ARPIT) online courses which will be helpful not only for keeping themselves abreast of latest development in their disciplines but also for aiding them in their career progression.

22.AICTE has Suggested List of Engineering Books of Indian Authors and Publishers For UG and PG can be downloaded from the following link:

23.AICTE issues Revised Model Curriculum for UG and PG courses.


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