1. AICTE ALLOW ARTS AND SCIENCE COURSES, if an Engineering Institution has excess Built-up area after fulfilling the norms as per Approval Process Handbook, the same may be utilized for running a SEPARATE ARTS AND SCIENCE COLLEGE in the same location.
  2. AICTE brings back Letter of Intent (LoI) is the provisional approval given to the applicant to start a new Technical Institution.
  3. You apply for the closure of the existing Institution and open a new Institution at the same premises?
  4. Institutions can apply for Conversion of Women’s Institution into Co-ed Institution/ Change of Site under Chapter I and also for increase in Intake/ addition of new Courses under Chapter II.
  5. AICTE allows to apply for Conversion of Women’s Institution into Co-ed Institution even if the enrollment in the last three years less than 60%.
  6. Only First/Regular Shift Courses are eligible for conversion, Second Shift Courses shall be applied for Closure
  7. The Institutions are be permitted to apply for ANYONE Level (Diploma/ Under Graduate) in an existing ID in an existing Programme/ a new Programme, not exceeding THREE Division(s)/ Course(s).
  8. Stand Alone MBA Programme can be merged with the Engineering Institution.
  9. The Institution has been placed under reduction / No admission/ No EoA/ Reduction in Intake category in the previous year. are required to apply for restoration on the AICTE Web Portal.
  10. Institutions got approval up to the previous Academic Years and were unable to submit application in the latter years want to apply for 2019-20 extension of approval in year 2019-20. are required to apply for Break in EOA online on Web Portal using ID and password allotted by AICTE earlier.
  11. Introduction of 2nd Shift/Part Time Courses are not permitted. Only existing 2nd Shift and Part time programme can continue
  12. Institution is offering Second Shift Courses in Engineering and Technology. Can convert it with the same Intake to First Shift Courses.
  13. AICTE allows institutions on lease to land.
  14. Institution can apply for National Digital Library. It is being developed at IIT Kharagpur. To apply, Institutions has to log on to and go to Institutional Registration. It is offered at absolute Free of Cost.
  15. National Academic Depository. NAD is a Unique, Innovative and Progressive step towards achieving Digital enablement of the Education Records. NAD is not only a database copy of the certificate records for Academic Institutions but a complete system for Issuing Online Certificates to well identified and registered students. It will be an active online place for Students, Academic Institutions and Verification Users. To apply, Institutions shall log on to and proceed towards the link “New Registrations”.


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