Jobs in the organized IT sector

India is the  world’s number one sourcing destination for IT-BPM services, with a 55% market share

According to the latest report by EnY 65 percent jobs to be impacted due to digitization by 2022.

An IT or Computer engineering student who starts college this year will graduate into a completely different job market in 4 years.

The time has come when we shall will witness a massive shift for job seekers in IT.

According to a new report by EY, Engineering students graduating in the next four years will not have the job opportunities in the same jobs that exist today.

65 percent of such jobs in IT sector will seize to exist .

Future jobs in the organized IT sector

  • VFX artist

  • Computer vision engineer

  • Wireless network specialist

  • Embedded system programmer

  • Data scientist

  • Data architect

  • AI research scientist

  • RPA developer

  • Language processing specialist

  • Deployment engineer

  • 3D modeling engineer

  • 3D designer Cloud architect

  • Migration engineer

  • Android/IOS app developer

  • Digital marketing

Top technological trends that would drive business for IT organisations in advanced markets as felt by 97 per cent of the survey respondents are :-

Internet of Things(IoT)

Machine Learning(ML)

Artificial intelligence (AI)


The government should now start taking steps to bring about large reforms in general, technical and vocational education systems .

The government should also create a fund to promote join technology or business model proposals between industry and academia as suggested by EnY.


Changing skill set requirements, growing awareness about global trends and easy access to good quality content has inclined individuals towards skill oriented certificate courses, which allow them to learn through self paced learning.

Universities of the future need to transition towards a industry centered education model where learning and work go hand in hand.

Main focus should be given to experiential learning along with development of interactive learning modules and customized learning modules focused on imparting competency-based knowledge.

The SY, NASSCOM, and Ficci recommended that industry and academia should be brought together with fund creations so professionals today are in pace with the technologies of today.


Artificial intelligence will wash away several job profiles but will also create new positions even at the lower and middle levels.

The IoT has been rated as the top tech trend. This is because globally, the number of IoT 36 connected devices is expected to reach 28 billion by 2020

Jobs that are based on routine processes like software testing are likely to be most impacted by automation in the software development value chain


We need to realize that the current model of formal learning up to the age of 20 – 25 years and then working and experiential learning for the rest of our lives will gradually become outdated.

If we want to keep pace with the forever changing technologies we should be in a stage of continuous learning and improvement

We need to take responsibility for making our lives relevant and enriching in the new economy.