MBAs are less employable than Engineers

Indian MBA graduates have lost their edge and there has been a drop in their employment over the last few years.

Even when half of India’s engineering graduates are unfit for employment, yet engineers are the most employable among graduates of all streams in the country.

According to the India Skills Report  by Wheelbox, employability of Indian MBA graduates has seen a 3% drop over the last year.

The study says annually about 3,60,000 MBA students pass out from 4000 B-schools in India and 61% are unemployable due to skill gaps and lesser work experience.

According to the India Skill Report 2019 for a third time in a row engineering graduates are employable compared to other domains in the country. More than 57 per cent of the engineering graduates are employable in the country. While a decline in hiring the MBA graduates continues. The report shows that only 36 per cent of the MBA graduates are employable.

Around 52% of engineering graduates in the country are able to take on jobs soon after their engineering ends, This figure has improved over the past year, according to talent assessment firm Wheebox’s survey of 300,000 students and over 100 large employers.

In contrast to engineering , MBA, another popular degree among Indians, has witnessed a 3% year-on-year drop in the employability of its graduates.

The Skill report suggested that the increase in the number of management institutes is the reason that  there is a decline in the quality of education. This is not a good year for B Pharma graduates as well which has witnessed a decrease of 12 per cent in employability compared to last year.

Among the Indian states, Andhra Pradesh topped the table with the highest in employability. It is followed by West Bengal and Delhi in the second and third places, respectively. However, Rajasthan and Haryana made it to the top 10 for the first time.

Top 10 States In Employability: India Skill Report 2019

1. Andhra Pradesh
2. West Bengal
3. Delhi
4. Rajasthan
5. Uttar Pradesh
6. Haryana
7. Karnataka
8. Telangana
9. Maharastra
10. Tamil Nadu

The report said that Employers need to work with education providers so that students can learn the skills they need to succeed at work, and governments also have a crucial role to play in bridging the necessary gap.

The report notes that automation can kill 50% of the job activities being performed today. However, it could also give rise to new job roles that would require different skills. The need for reskilling students is urgent in order to prepare them for the future and make them more employable

It is perhaps no surprise then that within engineering, computer science is the most employable major course, while those without a software core, such as chemical engineering, have become slightly less attractive to employers this year.

The report said that key sectors such as IT,financial services ,manufacturing,transportation,packaging and shipping would get highly automated which covers almost 40%-50% of existing jobs.

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