Engineering students of both government and private institutions might soon have to write a mandatory exit examination in their final year.

AICTE is working on a proposal that will soon make it compulsory for graduating engineers to appear for an ‘Exit Exam’.

Just like the Medical Council of India (MCI) has proposed a compulsory exit exam to obtain a degree in medicine. Similarly students will be awarded an engineering degree from their respective colleges after taking the exam regardless of their performance.

This exam will assess their engineering and employability skills.

This ‘Exit Exam’ is most likely going to be GATE.The Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) is an examination that primarily tests the comprehensive understanding of various undergraduate subjects in engineering and science.

GATE is conducted every year by IITs as an entrance exam for Mtech and Msc program.Based on the GATE score students get admission in top colleges including IITs,NITs,IISc etc. Top rankers also get a chance to work for a PSU.

Why has it become necessary to take such a step??

According to a study which was done by Aspiring Minds it was found that

  • Only 4.77 per cent candidates could write the correct logic for a programme which is a bare minimum requirement for any programming job.

  • More than 60% could not even write code that compiles.

  • Only 1.4 per cent could write functionally correct and efficient code.

In a country which is producing more than 8 lakh graduate engineers every year , these numbers are shocking.

According to AICTE, just 15 per cent of 3200 institutions offering engineering courses are recognised by the National Board of Accreditation (NBA).

As per AICTE out of the eight lakh graduate engineers from technical institutions in the country, more than 60 per cent remain unemployed.

To take control over this crisis AICTE will make this exam mandatory for students in their final year of B. Tech.Which will act as catalyst for the employability of the students because the government intends to share this information with their prospective employers.

Given the nature of this exam, it will be implemented in both government and private engineering schools in India .


  • First and foremost it will be a pivotal step towards preparing the students for the industry.

  • By analysing the results colleges can then check the engineering student’s skills, aptitude, critical thinking, besides the theory.

  • This will give AICTE a feedback on the standards & teaching methodology of engineering institutes in India.

  • After analyzing the perfomances of students from each college/area/city/state.The  government  can get to the root of the problem. They  can then suggest various remedial measures for the betterment of the education quality in each of these institutes like teacher training etc.

Will GATE be Compulsory for B.Tech Degree 2019-20?

As of now, there is no official news from AICTE regarding the applicability of Exit Test for B.Tech final-year students.

Gate is being considered as the exist test but it has not been finalized.

We will update it on our website as soon as it is official.



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