50,000 jobs in data science are vacant in India

A recent report by knowledge portal Analytics Vidhya and ed-tech platform Great Learnings, reveals that more than 50,000 positions related to data and analytics ( data science ) are currently vacant in India.

New emerging technologies like Data science and machine learning are becoming the talk of the town as more and more companies are trying to tap into these technologies.

With the rising demand for these skills , the dearth of talent has also become apparent.

The job postings as well as the job seeker’s interest showed an all-time high in 2017 and this trend is increasing every year. However, the point to note is that job seekers are almost half as number of job postings as of today.

The study, quoting a Gartner report, says that of the one million registered companies in India, 75% have invested or are going to invest in machine learning and data science

This clearly indicates that the industry needs more data scientists now more than ever and that we are not really prepared with right skills to bag the available opportunities.

The number of jobs in such technologies is likely to have an exponential growth owing to the dearth of skills across the world and the underlying demand.

According to the report, skills in cloud, big data analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence are going to be critical for data science professionals to land jobs .

When it comes to tools, the highest number of job searches are observed  in SQL (structured query language), Python is the fastest growing, owing to the greater support of machine learning libraries.

Data Scientist is surely one of the most sought after job profile today, and with a starting salary of Rs.7.7 lakhs per anum, they are among the top earners in the Data Science industry as well. The Data Scientist has the potential to handle the crude Data using the latest technologies and skills,they perform necessary analysis by cleaning and organizing Big Data and present the acquired knowledge to the team in an informative way.

Data scientist, data analyst, data architect, data statistician, ML engineer, ML specialist, technical architect, data engineer are some of the most popular roles available,” the report said.

The report says that currently India contributes 12 per cent to such jobs when compared to the world.

According to the report, the sectors with most number of opportunities for analytics and data science professionals are :

  1. banking and financial Services:

    According to the report, the sectors with biggest markets for analytics and data science professionals are banking and financial Services, e-commerce, healthcare and media.

  2. E-commerce

    In E-commerce 12 percent jobs were created

  3. healthcare
  4. media

The report also says that around 39,000 analytics jobs will be created in India by 2020.

Opportunities in non-traditional sectors like aviation, cybersecurity, agriculture, healthcare, and driverless transportation are set to boom by 2020, according to the study .To be more specific agriculture, according to the report, would create 5500 jobs in the space by 2020, aviation 4500, and driverless transportation 7000.


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